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Gerhard Haas GmbH

Gerhard Haas GmbH is a renowned family business specialising in the development, production and distribution of household products.

Everything began in 1952 with brooms and brushes made of natural products. We continuously expanded our product range. In the meantime, our delivery program also includes, in addition to the traditional areas, hygiene and microfibre items, garden products and large plastics.

The acquisition and generous reconstruction of the current headquarters in Stockach in 1986 created the spatial prerequisites to meet the requirements and the market situation. Large halls and state-of-the-art machinery make it possible to move production to your own company in Stockach.

Thus Gerhard Haas GmbH – and already in the 3rd generation, something we are particularly proud of – became one of the leading plastic manufacturers for household and cleaning supplies in Germany and Europe.

Environmental protection – yes, we are also active here

Active environmental protection is taken very seriously at Gerhard Haas GmbH.


For example, a separate recycling plant for plastic waste has been built in recent years. For this purpose, all plastic waste is collected separately during production and recycled. The resulting recycled granulate forms the raw material for the recycling programme, which Gerhard Haas GmbH was the first manufacturer to offer on the market.


Also, the entire in-house transport containers were converted to a reusable system. These are also made exclusively from recycled material.


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* by self-generated electricity, Source: Federal Environmental Agency CO2 emission factors Electricity mix Germany as of 2014 (including upstream chain)